Distillery in general

  • When have you started to produce strong liquors?

1985 - but our roots are herb liquors, fruit based liquors and classic distilled spirits.


  • When have you started to produce Single Malt Whisky?

2002 - even though it became whisky in 2005 the first time (due to 3 years of minimum maturation)


  • What kind of Whisk(e)y are you producing, Bourbon or Scotch?

Neither Bourbon, nor Scotch!

While Bourbon Whiskey is completeley different style of Whiskey, Scotch on the other hand means very clearly, that the Whisky has to be completely of Scottish origin (distilled, matured and bottled in Scotland).

We are producing traditional style SINGLE MALT WHISKY.


That means in general, that our production method is quite similar to the production method of a Single Malt Whisky distillery in Scotland but our distillery is in the heart of Germany in the Harz Mountains.

Thats why our Whisky is called HARZER SINGLE MALT WHISKY or HERCYNIAN SINGLE MALT WHISKY and it is 100% Made in Germany.


  • How do you produce your Whisky?

To give an exact answer to this question we'd recommend to visit the distillery and attend a guided tour.

Anyway the production steps are mashing, lautering, fermentation, distilling twice in pot stills and maturation in oak casks.


  • What is your annual production capacity?

Theoretically we would be able to produce about 150.000 liter of New Make Spirit (unmatured spirit which becomes whisky after at least 3 years of maturation).

Our mottos 'quality instead of quantity', 'class instead of mass' and 'less is more' mean that in this era of exponential growth of the whisky market and billions of litres of whisky we definetely want to be different.

That's why we are practically producing just about 50.000 l  New Make Spirit  to get about 50.000 bottles of Whisky after the maturation annualy.


  • Was your distillery the first to produce Whisky in Germany?

(Sadly) no, but by German standards we started quite early and we were the first in northern Germany.

In 2002 we were merely a hand full of whisky distillers in Germany and maybe 20 in whole mainland Europe.


  • Are there other Whisky distilleries in Germany?

Oh yes! Rumors say that there are about 400 Distilleries and Bottlers who are producing Whisky in Germany.


  • Do you think of other Distilleries as competitors?

By no means!  Because of several reasons:
On the one hand we cannot supply the demand of our Whisky at all.

On the other hand Whisky is a drink of diversity and Whisky enthusiasts love the variances of the different Whiskies - the Whisky which is just the right choice today can be totally wrong tomorrow.

We love the fact that there are many different whisk(e)y producers from all over the world and we are very grateful to all of them and we treat them with the utmost respect, because we all work together on one big goal: your satisfaction with the "Global Drink" at all - WHISKY.


After all, whisk(e)y is produced on every populated continent of the world (except Antarctica).


Especially the bigger manufacturers, who have made it possible that whisky is on everyone's lips and still manage to bring a good single malt whisky for less than 30 EUR on the market, we are very grateful, because these manufacturers are likely in reason why you are interested in whisky in general and in our whisky in particular.


Guided Tours

  • Do I have to book a guided tour?

Booking in advance is strongly recommended.


  • Why can't I take my children and/or my pregnant wife/fiancé/girlfriend to the guided tour?

Once mashing and distilling takes place, an odor and maybe alcohol vapor in the production rooms can not be completely excluded.

For children and pregnant women this can be strong enough that we can no longer recommend a participation without restriction. We therefore ask you to take no risk.
Please note, that we can not provide childcare. A supervisor needs to wait with children together.


  •  We would like to do a short trip to the Harz, can you recommend a hotel?

Please contact the Tourist Information for all matters concerning overnight stays in this regard:



Tel. 05586-962991


  • Is there a tour in English?

Unfortunately, there a no regular tours scheduled in English, but please don't hesitate asking for an english tour via email.





  • Are there "special bottlings" available in the distillery shop?

Yes - usually we have at least one distillery exclusive bottling available and tastable in the distillery shop.




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